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Activities - Excursions

Beautiful any time of year, Pelion is ideal for a wide variety of activities. From our base in «Chrissi Nefeli» in Aghios Georgios Nilias you will find beautiful paths that have been carefully and professionaly mapped as hiking trails and offer wonderfully refreshing walking trips.


You can also enjoy outdoor activities like riding, 4x4 off-road drives, full of adventure, horseback riding and mountain biking in the surrounding mountains.

In one of the most famous ski resorts of our country, «Agriolefkes», you will get great doses of snowfall all winter, as Pelion is ideal for winter sports.

During summer, the mountain is transformed the beautiful and pristine beaches of Pelion are flooded with vacationers.

Either on the side of Pagasitikos Gulf or on the side washed by the Aegean Sea, the options are endless.

  • Hiking Trails

    Beautiful any time of year, Pelion is ideal for many and varied activities. From our base in Aghios Georgios Nilias, you will find recorded paths that provide beautifully hiking trails in forests with chestnut and broadleaf trees that grow beneath one of the highest peaks of Pelion, the Schitzourafli.

    This is the starting point for four signposted hiking trails connecting Aghios Georgios - Agriolefkes, Aghios Georgios - Tsagarada, Aghios Georgios - K. Gatzea and Aghios Georgios - Ano Lehonia. Of these, the first two pass through the protected forested area that belongs to the NATURA 2000 Networking Program, with code GR1430001.


    From the cobblestone streets of the village to the lush vegetation and springs, you will enjoy an unspoiled natural landscape and those who wish can collect rare herbs. From ancient times Pelion was the mountain of flowers and medicinal herbs. It has been estimated that the flora of Pelion includes at least 1,500 species, more rarely 2 endemic species (soldanella of Pelion, grown in only two locations, near streams) and the centavria of Drakia.


    Here are 2 sample hiking trails that offer distinct emotions.

    Kissos (540 m)-Agriolefkes (1470 m) - Aghios Georgios Nilias (600 m)

    Trail: 19 km
    Time: 5 1 / 2 hours
    Altiture: 900 m
    Vegetation: Forest with beech trees
    Drinking water on the route: No.
    Soil Condition: narrow streets, footpath, forest road.
    Difficulty Level: A
    Signposting: Good

    Agios Georgios Pelion (700 m) - Tsagarada (800 m)

    Trail: 14 km
    Time: 4 hours
    Altitude: 500 m
    Vegetation: Forest with oak and chestnut trees
    Drinking water in the path: ravines
    Soil Condition: narrow streets, footpath, forest road.
    Difficulty Level: A
    Signposting: Good


  • Activities in Nature

    The area offers the possibility for exciting horseback riding tours. At the mountain of the Centaurs, horseback riding is an ideal way to get close to nature and experience the magical side of Pelion. There are also many opportunities for 4 x 4 routes that are filled with the feeling of adventure and mountain biking in the surrounding mountains.

    Cycling from the top of the mountain to the foot of the slopes, you will find picturesque villages, forgotten churches and cobblestone streets.

    Chania, Kissos, Aghios Ioannis: 24 km - Highest altitude 1100m (4 hours)

    Chania, Zagora, Pouri, Horefto: 17 km - Highest altitude 1100m (4 hours)

    Chania, Agios Georgios, Gatzea Kala Nera: Highest altitude 1100m (5 hours)

    Pouri, Flambouri, Kato Kerassia: Altitude 600-1000m (5 hours)

    Makrinitsa, Portaria, Agria, Kato Gatzea: Highest altitude 550m (5 hours)



  • Winter Sports

    The ski resort of Chania is not far away. You just need to make a detour through Drakia and at 25 km you will have the opportunity to prove your skills in skiing, snowboarding and ski mountaineering. The ski center was founded by the Hellenic Mountaineering Club of Volos in 1967. Since 1997 the management of the ski center is in the hands of Α.Ν.Ε.Μ. Α.Ε (Magnesia Development Company)

    The snow lasts until early spring, allowing ski enthusiasts to experience intense moments on the slopes, while sliding on the slopes overlooking on one side the Pagasitic bay and on the other the Aegean Sea.

    It has four tracks and a beginner's trail, of total length 5,000 meters. You will also find lang lauf pistes of total length 3.000m. There is a Ski School for beginners and children. It is also ideal for cross country skiing, snowboard and ski mountaineering in the road that leads to the beach of Aghios Ioannis.

    During the summer months the area is ideal for Mountain Biking, 4x4 drives and enduro rides.


  • Beaches

    The beaches of Pelion are unique. Either on the side of Pagasitikos Gulf or on the side of the Aegean Sea, nobody leaves disappointed.


    On the side of Pagasitikos, you will find the famous beaches:

    Kato Lehonia: there are several bars and coffee shops, offering rest and relaxation while enjoying coffee or a drink.


    Kala Nera: awarded the blue flag, this beach is in the tourist resort of Kala Nera. Along the coastal road that is covered with eucalyptus trees there are tavernas, restaurants, bars and cafeterias.


    Boufa: the longest beach in Pelion, between the villages of Kala Nera and Afissos, of the most famous beaches with many holidaymakers.


    Afissos: there are several beaches with the most popular beach Abovos Kaliftheri, with fine sand and crystal waters.

    The Argonautic Entertainment Park in Kalifteri offers alternative activities such as sea Sailing, Wind Surfing, Canoe-Kayak, Sea Fun Park, Water Power Sports.


    On the side of the Aegean Sea, we find the beaches:

    Mikro: of the most beautiful beaches in Pelion, with many trees reaching the water, fine sand and small pebbles. There are tavernas and a bar operating during the summer.


    Kastri: fine sand, ideal for wind surfing.


    Paltsi (Agios Konstantinos): of the most famous in the east coast of Pelion, a big sandy beach.


    Potistika: A popular beach in Pelion, with fine sand.


    Milopotamos: the most famous beache of Pelion, both rocky and sandy. At close proximity there are other beaches that are ideal for swimming and offer beautiful, relaxing moments.


    Lambinou: a beautiful sandy bay with clear and transparent water, umbrellas and sunbeds.


    Fakistra: The second most famous beach in Pelion, close to Tsagarada, among rocky landscape and rich vegetation.


    Papa Nero: beautiful golden sands where lush mountain vegetation reaches the sea, ideal place for rest and relaxation.


    Aghios Ioannis: on the east coast, a large golden sandy beach, which attracts many holidaymakers.


    Saranda: turquoise waters and golden thin sand, a marvel to the eyes.


    Horefto: in a peaceful environment, a beautiful beach surrounded by lush vegetation.

  • Routes with Moutzouris

    The legendary "Moutzouris" is the historical train of Pelion. It has a very small train line (0,6m width) that starts at Volos, ends at Milies (28chlm distance) and stops at all the main villages of Pelion. It passes through bridges, tunnels, terraces in a rich natural environment. All the stations are of great architectural interest and all the railroad stock (kept in perfect condition until today) is unique in Greece.

    The TRAINOSE announced that the routes of the "Train of Pelion" will start earlier this year because of the date of Easter. Thus, the Train of Pelion will be on service on Good Friday, Saturday of Easter and Monday of Easter. The fascinating journey from the Upper Lechonia to Milies in Pelion, lasting about one hour, giving passengers the opportunity to roam the mountain of Pelion among lush vegetation and traditional villages while enjoying the magnificent view from the top of the mountain to Pagasitikos.

    The Train of Pelion (Upper Lechonia - Milies - Upper Lechonia) for 2011 released the following period:
    - From April 16 until July 10 and September 10 to October 31 Saturday, Sunday and holidays (except Sunday of Easter).
    - From July 16 until September 4 daily.

    Ticket prices
    Adult one way 10 euros, with return 18 euros. Children (4 - 12 years) one way € 6, with return 10 euros.

    Volos Office of TRAINOSE Dimitriados 186 & Mavrokordatou tel & fax (+30) 24 210 39 723

  • Chrissi Nefeli Wellness

    Welcome to a place of absolute relaxation and rejuvenation. A journey of the senses, where your body and soul enjoy a holistic rebirth. Through the power of reflexology and soothing massage sessions, you may find your inner balance. At Chrissi Nefeli, we offer our valued guests the opportunity to indulge in therapeutic massage sessions and benefit from the energy deriving from reflexology. Should you desire to engage in such a restful, tranquil experience, we can schedule the sessions to take place within our premises from highly trained, seasoned professionals.


    More specifically, Chrissi Nefeli may arrange for the following therapies to take place within our property upon request:

    • Holistic Massage (improving blood circulation and promoting the absolute sense of relaxation and invigoration)
    • Reflexology (activating your body and encouraging a feeling of inner harmony)
    • Sound Massage (enabling deep harmony through the power of sound, an ancient technique originating from Tibet)